Actors on drug charge not an air force reserve says RMAF

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) has explained that the entertainer accused of ownership of medications as of late in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, isn’t an individual from the air volunteer stores.

In an assertion today, the RMAF advertising division said the disarray happened when a few media, bloggers and online media clients utilized photos of the male entertainer wearing a pilot’s uniform.

The photo of the entertainer was taken when he assumed the part of a RMAF pilot in a show named ‘Gempur Wira’ on RTM in 2018.

“The RMAF is angry with the utilization of the entertainer’s image dressed as a RMAF pilot in an article identified with a criminal offense, hence sullying the aviation based armed forces’ picture,” it said.

Media experts, bloggers and web-based media clients were prompted not to connect the entertainer with the RMAF and to make the important redresses to the articles that had been transferred.

Last Sunday, a 28-year-old entertainer was among three men captured for suspected substance addiction following a strike directed on a house in Kuala Kangsar.

Entertainer Muhamad Niezam Mohd Zaidi, alongside movie chief Mohd Latif Zami, 49, and colleague chief Saiful Zaidrin Ismail, 43, conceded to charges of having weed and methamphetamine when they were charged at the Kuala Kangsar officers’ court yesterday.

The court permitted bail for the three men and set Dec 1 for case remention for accommodation of the scientific expert’s report.

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