Family finds land destroyed by soil thieves after MCO

The Covid-19 pandemic and the development control orders (MCO) had constrained a man living in Kajang to leave his family-possessed land in Dengkil untended for quite a long time.

Lorance Pragasam figured all eventual well and he could return to deal with the land when the pandemic had passed. Notwithstanding, he and his family were in for a shock.

Their nine-section of land real estate parcel has been gotten free from all plant life and dirt by somebody taking soil from it. What was once land loaded up with plant life and brambles is simply sloppy, earthy colored earth.

Addressing FMT, Lorance said five officials from the Sepang Land Office had visited his family on Oct 21, illuminating them about the dirt exhuming exercises on their territory.

Following the visit from the land office, Lorance said his relatives hurried to Dengkil from their home in Kajang and discovered the land totally annihilated.

“My family possesses two plots of land in Dengkil estimating more than nine sections of land and the two plots of land have been severely influenced by the illicit soil unearthing exercises. A large portion of the dirt from the land has been taken. The hoodlums even left a backhoe on our property.

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