Malaysian walks free after Singapore apex courts uphold acquittal on drug charges

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian transport driver blamed for dealing heroin here in 2014 had his exoneration of the capital charge maintained by the Singapore Court of Appeal, CNA detailed today.

The report said the indictment had pursued against the High Court’s choice in May 2021 to clear Mangalagiri Dhruva Kumar of dealing basically 22.73g of diamorphine or heroin.

Nonetheless, a three-judge board containing boss equity Sundaresh Menon, and judges Judith Prakash, and Chao Hick Tin excused the arraignment’s allure this evening.

Talking through his legal counselor, Mangalagiri had supposedly said that he is “exceptionally appreciative to God and the framework in Singapore”.

As indicated by CNA, Mangalagiri was blamed for giving a sack containing heroin to a lady on May 16, 2014, outside Sheng Siong Supermarket at Woodlands Center Road.

The lady then, at that point, given the medications to another man and the two of them were captured by Singapore’s Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officials later that very day.

They were attempted and the lady was condemned to life detainment for dealing essentially 22.73g of heroin, while the man was indicted in 2016 for having the heroin for the motivations behind dealing.

He was condemned to death and executed after his allure was excused in 2018, CNA announced.

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