Union rejects Amanah call for restrictions on Muslims in alcohol sale

A proposition for a “alcohol strategy” to confine the inclusion of Muslims in the assembling or offer of cocktails has been dismissed by the association addressing lodging, bar and eatery laborers.

The association’s secretary-general, Rosli Affandi, said most individuals in the food business were Malays, and the presentation of a new “alcohol strategy” would influence their occupations.

“I absolutely can’t help contradicting any such approach. Organizations will be influenced as Muslims can not work at places serving liquor. As of now, they are simply taking care of their responsibilities and not devouring any liquor.

“Additionally, with the current Covid-19 circumstance, a many individuals from the B40 low-pay bunch are as of now battling to track down a respectable living. In addition, each industry is battling to develop their accounts. This approach is most certainly just plain dumb for the economy or laborers,” he told FMT.

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